Started physiotherapy the other week, for my knee. At first it wasn’t all that great. I have this instructor called…yeah, wouldn’t you know it, he has the same name as me. I don’t know why i always run into people with the same name as mine. At first it was funny to say “hello, my name is *** too” and then laugh but now it’s getting very annoying. Anyhow he is a pain in the a*s! He keeps pushing me to do all kinds of exercises (many of which i don’t enjoy, at all!), my knee hurts and all in all it wasn’t that great.

But day by day i’m getting the hang of it and i’m starting  to actually enjoy having a professional tell me what exercises i have to do and how to do them. So i’m seriously considering doing a sport, swimming to be more precise. I’ve learned that there’s a place here in my town where you can go swimming almost every night. So i think i’ll try it. I do need a distraction after i finish my workday so why not do that?



~ I went skating today….i’m not an expert skater but i’m no spaz either. It’s just enough to stay on my feet and avoid as much as possible being run over by others.

One of my friends filmed me in “action” when i wasn’t looking. It looks rather funny if you ask me! 🙂  ~