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So I went to Greece


I finally did it. I went to Greece.

I knew from the start that it’s not the kind of place I would like very much but i did it anyhow, I wanted to see how it is. My friends are very passionate when they tell stories about this country so i wanted to see what the big fuss was.

All in all it was a great experience. I met new kinds of people, i saw places much different that those at home, i ate the food, drank the water (to salty for my taste), did the touristy stuff, but after 6 days i started missing home. I always miss home, i am and always will be connected to the places where i grew up. To me they’re magical. Now if i close my eyes i can see clear in my head everything, the streets, the people, the hills from witch i gazed at the stars taking pictures and hoping for a better future. Just like Alice in Wonderland i wanted to say “There’s no place like home!” and “puff”, magically appear on top of the hill where i spent many of my teenage nights.

So…getting back to Greece now…It was a great trip. I liked the country, the people and the places, i liked being able to talk and not be understood by those around me, i liked that you could find figs at every step, i liked the color of the sea, i liked climbing the mountains and bathing in the waterfalls, i liked acting like i didn’t have any care in the world….I liked FEELING FREE! 🙂

here are a few pictures taken there. I posted more in august but i’ll make them visible once i get home.



Cape Kaliakra


~ Today i went on a short trip in Bulgary. I stopped to visit Cape Kaliakra which is breathtaking! The view from above is amazing! Nothing compares to the rush you get when you look down and see the waves crashing into the rocks. ~