When i first started seeing the movie series “Awkward” and saw Jenna (the main character) writing in her personal blog like it was a journal i thought “hey! That’s nice. What a great idea this must be. Just right your thoughts away, no strings attached…”

So i’m thinking now why not turn this into a “picture – journal – blog” king of website. The great thing about this is that nobody is there to read it so there’s no damage done. For me i guess this is a great way to vent and for others to amuse themselves.  🙂

I actually don’t imagine anyone taking an interest ever in this blog, but still can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing. It’s king of nice not having to worry about what others will think when you post something, or what reactions you may cause.

That’s it i guess. I put in the trailer to the movie series i was talking about. Trust me, you’ll love it (especially if you’re a girl) !


The notebook

I’ve recently made an obsession over the movie “The notebook”. I have a few scenes from it that i particularly enjoy watching…this is one of them…