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The beginning of the week…

OK, so I’ve been a bit lazy when it comes to writing on the blog. But since not so many people read it i guess it doesn’t make such a big difference if i write or not.

Now in a more cheerful note i’ll start by talking about my newest project. I’ve recently started selling thing online, things made by me, handmade, as some of you may know it.

Here are some of the things I’ve made, and sold…




lant lemn

garfield 2

home is

i only


They’re not much, but they’re made by hand with lots of care and devotion, so i guess that has to count for something.

In other news this week isn’t going that good…but i don’t want to complain to much. To be short, yesterday i nearly had an ugly dispute with someone in traffic (i was right of course πŸ˜› ) and today i nearly decapitated a seller from Vodafone who should have charged my phone but in stead charged someone else’s. This wouldn’t have been such a big problem if i haven’t run out of minutes and couldn’t phone or call anyone at the time….oh well…just my luck i guess.

So this is my “beginning of the week”. Hope your’s is better! πŸ™‚


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