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Some people only value the things they had only when they’re gone.

In my physiotherapy class there is this guy, I think he’s almost 18 years old. He has a problem with one of his legs. The problem seems to be very serious, and they don’t know for sure if he’ll be able to walk normally again. But there’s something special about him that caught my attention even from the start. Many people who go through tragedies often end up being resentful and depressed (myself included). They lash out on others, they become mean and angry at others, even at those who try to help.

Dragos is different. He hasn’t lost his sens of humor. He’s always talking and making jokes with the therapist. Imagine that I’m sitting there on the mattress trying to do my exercises and he starts talking and making jokes. Either it’s about the local news or his leg who wouldn’t stop “bothering” him or A the therapist, he always has a topic to laugh about. My personal favorite is when he make fun (in a good way of course) of A.

Monday is his last day I think. It kind of makes me sad because i liked having him around. He makes it fun. I’ve sometimes looked at him as a role model. I had something bad happen to me in January this year. But instead of fighting and hoping for the best, I was angry, sad, depressed and I found refuge in all the wrong places, i lost it, i mean really lost it!

All my respect goes to him. Of course he will never know these things about me, that I care or that I respect him for being who he is and that he’s been a good influence on me these past weeks, but it doesn’t matter. There are many people with whom you cross paths in your life. Many of them don’t make any difference and leave as quickly as they came, but there are those few who have the power to make a change. He is one of them…


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