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September, the 9th month

I didn’t post something new for a very long time…. Today i think it’s a good day for a new post. September represent the 9 th month since something important happened in my life. Things could have been different now if January and February weren’t so complicated… but this is how life is, isn’t it? It’s very unexpected….you never know what’s to come…but that’s the beauty of it… You know what they say, plan for the worst but hope for the best! Well, in my case, the scar will remain there for a very long time…always reminding me of my past…

I wasn’t fair, i know…i didn’t act right, i know….but I’ve learned from my mistakes…finally after a long period of time I’ve found myself again and i’m ready to become what i once was (a long time ago).

Anyhow, until my September melancholy passes I think this song has the best lyrics for what i’m feeling right now… sad and happy at the same time…


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