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Started physiotherapy the other week, for my knee. At first it wasn’t all that great. I have this instructor called…yeah, wouldn’t you know it, he has the same name as me. I don’t know why i always run into people with the same name as mine. At first it was funny to say “hello, my name is *** too” and then laugh but now it’s getting very annoying. Anyhow he is a pain in the a*s! He keeps pushing me to do all kinds of exercises (many of which i don’t enjoy, at all!), my knee hurts and all in all it wasn’t that great.

But day by day i’m getting the hang of it and i’m starting  to actually enjoy having a professional tell me what exercises i have to do and how to do them. So i’m seriously considering doing a sport, swimming to be more precise. I’ve learned that there’s a place here in my town where you can go swimming almost every night. So i think i’ll try it. I do need a distraction after i finish my workday so why not do that?


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