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So I went to Greece


I finally did it. I went to Greece.

I knew from the start that it’s not the kind of place I would like very much but i did it anyhow, I wanted to see how it is. My friends are very passionate when they tell stories about this country so i wanted to see what the big fuss was.

All in all it was a great experience. I met new kinds of people, i saw places much different that those at home, i ate the food, drank the water (to salty for my taste), did the touristy stuff, but after 6 days i started missing home. I always miss home, i am and always will be connected to the places where i grew up. To me they’re magical. Now if i close my eyes i can see clear in my head everything, the streets, the people, the hills from witch i gazed at the stars taking pictures and hoping for a better future. Just like Alice in Wonderland i wanted to say “There’s no place like home!” and “puff”, magically appear on top of the hill where i spent many of my teenage nights.

So…getting back to Greece now…It was a great trip. I liked the country, the people and the places, i liked being able to talk and not be understood by those around me, i liked that you could find figs at every step, i liked the color of the sea, i liked climbing the mountains and bathing in the waterfalls, i liked acting like i didn’t have any care in the world….I liked FEELING FREE! đŸ™‚

here are a few pictures taken there. I posted more in august but i’ll make them visible once i get home.




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